Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Welcome to the official site for
Fishes 'n' Loaves
An outreach of 
Wellspring Church in Englewood, CO.


Please call to find out where we will be gathering each week (720)539-9175 
Sharing Life, Hope and a Meal
each week in Englewood Colorado

Our Vision

We desire to see people of all backgrounds joined 

together in the community of God.

Our little part in this great big story means:

- sharing a delicious meal
- having fun together

- fostering a safe place for discussion

- being willing to know and be known as we are

- showing love in words and actions

- sharing our stories & giving the reason for the hope 

that we have

- and so much more...


Our Mission

Fishes 'n' Loaves  

exists to offer hope

 to the broken and struggling

inviting them into a community

filled with the grace & victory of Jesus.